Everyone Counts, Inc

Everyone Counts, Inc

Program Manager - Served as lead architect, product and project manager for secure election systems. Coordinated and collaborated with outside vendors as needed to assess, audit, and implement systems. Specific Projects include:

Program Manager - Oscars Online Voting System - Served as Sales Engineer, Lead Architect, and Program Manager from the inception to completion of the project. Coordinated audits and documentation for procedural and technological approaches with PriceWaterhouseCoopers and subcontractors. Developed offline procedures for handling of ballots

Program Manager - New South Wales iVote Electronic Voting System - Served as Lead Architect and Program Manager for the iVote Electronic voting system used in many binding online elections in Australia.

Technology Advocate - Gave presentations at seminars to government officials worldwide advocating the use of secure election technologies, networked with government officials and industry influencers. 

Bid Manager - Hired, mentored, and managed a staff of technical writers to assess and respond to RFPs. Implemented a repeatable system to respond consistently to RFPs in terms of style, execution and approach. Developed a system to quantify and identify high value RFP's to devote limited resources to opportunities with the highest likelihood of success.