Program Manager - AT&T mHealth Project

As the Program Manager for the AT&T mHealth project, I was responsible mentoring and managing development resources. Including sprint planning, story writing, and daily scrums. Additionally, coordinating with customers within AT&T to influence product direction, and develop requirements to best meet customer needs.

Managed HIPPA and HITRUST certification and audit, and managed operational readiness testing in a multi-site Openstack deployment to meet all HIPPA specific security and auditing needs. 

Coordinated audits and certification with internal AT&T standards, integrating requirements from many different departments into one cohesive solution. Requirements from Legal, Branding, HIPPA, Security, Monitoring, Operations and Customer Support departments were all integrated and satisfied prior to launch.


Program Manager - AT&T Research and Development

Manage rapidly-developed research and development and proof-of-concept projects within AT&T. Inclusive of contract negotiation and budgetary approval, specifications development and delivery to internal AT&T stakeholders. Typical projects lasted 3-4 months from inception to delivery.

Business Development and Sales Engineer
Performed on-site meetings to develop and negotiate. Negotiated and managed statements of work and delivery contracts with AT&T and other Fortune 500 companies and startups.

Bid Manager
Managed a staff of technical writers to assess and respond to RFPs. Implemented a repeatable system to respond consistently to RFPs in terms of style, execution and approach. Developed a system to quantify and identify high value RFP's to devote limited resources to opportunities with the highest likelihood of success.